Top 12 iPhone Apps for Youth Ministry

If you’re a youth minister like me (hip, cool, and amazingly good looking) then you have in your possession the height of coolness – the Apple iPhone. The best part about the iPhone has nothing to do with how good a phone it is (and it stinks as a phone), but in the applications you can download from the App Store. From among the thousands of apps, there are a number that essential for youth ministry.I looked through my list and have come up with the top 12 iPhone apps for you to use in your ministry. (I tried to get you links the software, but alas I am an idiot so you’ll have to take an extra 5 seconds to type it in iTunes search).


Facebook App – Want to keep touch with your Facebook friends? This is the perfect way to do that. You can’t do everything you can on the website version, but its good in the ways that count – updating statuses, messaging people, and keeping in touch.

YouVersion Holy Bible – This free Bible app is something I use almost every day. You can take the Bible anywhere, look up verses by word or phrase, or even have a daily reading. Its easy to use and quick to search.

Free RSS reader – If you read blogs, this is a easy way to do it. It makes blogs easy to read and quick to download. The only thing it does not do well is that it doesn’t download video or pictures embedded in the blog very well. But for a straight reader, it works great.

DocsToGo – Need to work on a lesson or a sermon at Taco Bell? If you have to edit some documents on the go, this is a great program to do it with. The iPhone isn’t made for heavy document work, but this $5 program does make it easier.

Toodledo – If you have problems keeping track of what you need to do, the Toodledo app is perfect for you. You can even sync with outlook or Google or any number of To Do lists you keep.

Evernote – Taking notes has never been easier. You can use text, pictures, or sound to make notes. It is easily organizable; you can keep things in their own separate files. You can also search by keyword (even photos!). It also comes with sync-able desktop software that you can take notes with and take clips from the web. It is so powerful that I haven’t even fully uncovered what you can do with it!

CCEL Bible – This is a personal favorite of mine. If you are looking for some great devotionals, this has “Morning and Evening” by Charles Spurgeon. It also has the Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis and Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.

Pandora – Need music to listen to on the next youth group trip, but don’t know any good Christian stations? Pandora will make it easy for you. Just type in an artist you want to listen to, and it will load up artists that have similar music.

GooeyEvents – With GooeyEvents you can send out invites to upcoming events over email. It even provides a confirmation email that is sent back to you if they can or can’t come. Its a great way to keep your kids and parents informed.

Tough Topics – A vital app if you love to get your teens talking. This Youth Specialties app combines the “Tough Topics” books that you might have in your library and now you can get your teens talking anywhere.

Attendance – If you want a way to keep track of attendance at your activities, this app makes it easy. You can even send excel files to add to a desktop file. Its not perfect but it makes things much easier to track attendance.

Tweetdeck – If you’re a twitter-er, this is the best app I have used (beating Twitterific and Twitterfon). You can link up multiple accounts and even sync with your Tweetdeck on your computer.


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