When your youth ministry is dying…

Many of us have been there. We’ve spent hours on our lessons, only to have no one show up to youth group. We’ve spent months planning an amazing retreat, only to have 7 out of the 9 students signed up cancel at the last minute. We’ve hyped up an amazing youth group event, only to hear our students, one after another, say, “So who’s going to be there?” and then not show up. It is painful, and pulling a ministry out of a death spiral is very hard.

But not impossible!

In “Reboot”, I chronicle my journey of rebooting a youth ministry and rebuilding it from the ground up. We went from 2 students to 50 in 9 months, growing in a biblical and student led manner. This book will help you develop your plan of rebooting your youth ministry, and guiding you in how to radically transform your community for Christ!

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