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image Ok, its not really life sized war, because that would be, well, war. But perhaps you are familiar with the card game “War.” In that game, you and another player divide up a deck of cards and try to win all the cards. Each person pulls the top card off their deck, and the one with the highest card gets both cards. When the two cards are the same, you then have “war.” Usually, you take the top 3 cards, set them aside, and then pull the next card and show it. The highest card wins the war and all the cards in play.

It is a simple game that most of us have played, but this turns it into a group game. Divide your group up into two teams. The teams should not have more than 10. 7 or 8 would be ideal. If you have more students, play multiple games (will require multiple decks of cards). Each game will have its own deck, and you’ll divide the deck equally between the teams. To play, have them line up in a straight line with the two teams facing each other. The first person in line for each team will draw a card and show it. The highest card wins, and the winning team gets the player with the lowest card, and they become a part of that team. (You can do what you want with cards. You can either play like a normal game of war where each team gets the card, or you can just reshuffle them and keep replenishing each pile. The second way keeps the game interesting) The players go to the back of the line, and the next people step up to draw a card.

Eventually, you’ll likely have “War” where you have two of the same card come up. In that case, simply have the next person in line step up and draw a card. The winning team gets both players from the other team.

The game ends when one team gets all the players. Chances are players will switch teams numerous times, so no one really loses. This is a simple and fun game to play that doesn’t require any skill, athletic ability, or even brain power (with the exception of forming a line, standing for a few minutes, and reading a card…which in retrospect can be challenging for some of your students!) Enjoy the game!

Bill Nance

Bill Nance

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