Game – Blind Faith

image This is a great game that also can be used as a teaching tool as well (or just for fun!). “Blind Faith” is a two person race game that can be highly modified for the group.

To prepare for the game, prepare a course for the students to race around. It can include obstacles if you wish (be sure to “staff” the obstacles to avoid dangerous collisions, and don’t make them too difficult). You’ll also want enough blindfolds for the group.

When the students arrive, divide them into partners. One person will start out blindfolded, and the other will stand in one spot by the start/finish line. The non-blindfolded student’s job will be to direct the blindfolded student through the obstacle course. The complication for this is task is that everyone will be going at the same time, so the teams will have to listen for their partner’s voice.

The student will race around the course. When they reach the finish line, they’ll switch blindfolds with the other teammate and race off. The first team to finish the course with both teammates will be the winner.

This is a fun game, but can be dangerous unless you manage it well. Make sure the course is not dangerous (no climbing a wall or running across traffic!) and have plenty of adults to make sure no one hurts themselves. The great thing about this game is that it has a lot of application to faith, listening to God’s voice, etc. Let me know how it goes!

Bill Nance

Bill Nance

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