Crazy Doubles Ping Pong

If you have a youth room, you likely have a ping pong table. Why not put that table to good use this week by playing this fun and crazy version of ping pong!

What you need

Ping Pong Equipment

Two VERY LARGE shirts per table 

This can be either an upfront game, or an awesome tournament. Its pretty simple. Divide into teams of two. Each team will be given two paddles and a Tshirt. They will be required to put the tshirt on the both of them, with each player having one arm out of the arm holes of the shirt and both heads sticking out the head hole. 

You then begin with the craziness. With both players now securely bonded to each other via the Tshirt, they are to play against the other similarly dressed team in a match of wild doubles ping pong. Play according to official doubles ping pong rules (or whichever rules you want to make it most interesting!) Each player should alternate hits of the ball. Play to any number of points you want. 

This is an amazingly fun twist on an old favorite, and will help to liven up your next youth group meeting or retreat. If you play it, let me know how it went!

HT to my friend Jason Frisch for this great idea!

Bill Nance

Bill Nance

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