Paint Soccer

Paint Soccer

Are you looking for a fun, messy game that your students will want to play again and again (and parents will beg you not to)? Then Paint Soccer is the perfect game for you. Simply did a soccer ball in paint, throw it in the field, and let the teens go at it.


Soccer balls (that you don’t mind ruining)

Paint of various colors

Cones (to mark the boundaries)

Bowls to keep the paint in

Mark out a field big enough for everyone to fit and be able to move (no limits on size of teams or the field). Place bowls of paint around the field. Every time the ball goes out of bounds, or someone scores, you dip the ball into a bowl of paint and it gets thrown back into action. After a while, everyone is a mess of crazy colors.

You can play “serious” or silly. Either follow real soccer rules (for those real competitive types), or mix them up to make things interesting. Like use multiple balls. Or, have girls kick with their right leg and boys with their left. Or you have to head the ball into the goal to score. Have fun with it!

Be sure to let your students (and parents) know ahead of time you’re playing this so that people can dress accordingly. Also, and this should go without saying, don’t let students traipse through the church building while covered in paint. Cause, you want to keep your job.

If you play this game, tell me how it goes! Better yet, load up some pictures in the comments!



Game – Football Soccer

Games are great for youth ministry, but if you have a few of the super-athletic types (such as myself) they can end up dominating and making the game not-so-much-fun for everyone else. To make things more interesting, try this variation on an old world favorite.  Soccer is fun. Football is fun. But playing soccer with a football? Yeah, thats pure awesomeness. And since its World Cup time, you can’t find a better time to play it!


The rules are simple. Set up an area big enough for your group to play. Set up two goals.  Divide your group up into two teams. This can work with any size groups, but an ideal size is between 6-10 per team. Once they are divided into teams, the rules are standard soccer rules. The only difference? Use a football.

The non-spherical shape of the football means you have goofy and crazy bounces that neutralizes much of the athletic ability of the super athletes. Also, its just so much fun because you have very little control on the trajectory of the ball. This makes a great outdoor game that requires little prep.


If you do it, let me know how it went in the comments!


Baby Bottle Chug

By the time you read this, my wife should be close to done giving birth to our forth child. So, in honor of this momentous occasion, our game of the week is the “Baby Bottle Chug.”


3 (or more) baby bottles

Liquid to drink

The game is simple. It makes a great up front game. Buy three or more baby bottles, fill them with liquid like pop or water, and set them on the stage. As the up front game, simply pick three volunteers and have them sit in front of the bottles. At a signal, they race to see who can drain the baby bottle first. 

Be sure to poke a hole in the nipple (yes, I did say nipple in a youth ministry blog!) I found out the hard way not all come pre-poked. Or, if you want to mess with someone, have one without a hole. Then when they go to drink it, the one without the hole starts to freak out. Simple and fun game! Let me know in the comments how it goes!


Crazy Doubles Ping Pong

If you have a youth room, you likely have a ping pong table. Why not put that table to good use this week by playing this fun and crazy version of ping pong!

What you need

Ping Pong Equipment

Two VERY LARGE shirts per table 

This can be either an upfront game, or an awesome tournament. Its pretty simple. Divide into teams of two. Each team will be given two paddles and a Tshirt. They will be required to put the tshirt on the both of them, with each player having one arm out of the arm holes of the shirt and both heads sticking out the head hole. 

You then begin with the craziness. With both players now securely bonded to each other via the Tshirt, they are to play against the other similarly dressed team in a match of wild doubles ping pong. Play according to official doubles ping pong rules (or whichever rules you want to make it most interesting!) Each player should alternate hits of the ball. Play to any number of points you want. 

This is an amazingly fun twist on an old favorite, and will help to liven up your next youth group meeting or retreat. If you play it, let me know how it went!

HT to my friend Jason Frisch for this great idea!

The Amoeba Race

Everyone loves a good race. And every youth minister loves to put a twist on things. Enter the "Amoeba Race."

To prepare, mark out a predetermined obstacle course. Make it challenging – climbing over things, crawling under things, etc but be aware not to put students into any physical danger. Clearly mark out the directions so people won’t get lost.

When the students arrive, divide them of teams. If possible, try to have each team have 4 or more members. The bigger the team, the more interesting the game! Tie a rope around their waist so that the students are close together.

Then let them run the course. Depending on how you designed the course, it can be a timed run or teams can compete against each other. The point is not in winning the race but on how the teams work together. Can be just a fun game or a team building exercise.

Hace you ever played this game? I would love to hear how it went!

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