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Book Review – Destiny: Step into Your Purpose

Everyone wants to have a purpose in life. Everyone wants to know they matter, that God has designed them for a reason. Its this innate desire that author TD Jakes taps into in his book “Destiny:Step into your purpose”. This book is really a motivational book. While reading it, each chapter encouraged and motivated me […]

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The Chariot Race Game

Looking for a fun game for youth group? The Chariot Race Game is one that your students will love playing and only a handful will likely get hurt doing it.

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Things NOT to Say to Your Senior Pastor

From time to time, we all put our foot in our mouth and say things thatare silly, foolish, or regrettable. Most of the time, its not a big deal. Butsometimes, you can say things to your senior minister that you will definitely regret. Here are the things NOT to say your senior pastor. •  “What’s a […]

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The Ten Church People Necessary to Your Ministry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Church People Dangerous to Your Ministry, and it seemed to hit a nerve. There are a lot of people in the church that can do a lot of damage to your ministry, and we need to be wary. Jesus sends us out as “sheep amongst […]

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You Know You’re An Old Youth Worker When…

They say old youth ministers never die, they just become senior ministers. But sometimes they stay in youth ministry, and become an old youth worker. Are you an old youth worker? You might be, if… Most of the students in your youth group weren’t alive when you graduated college It takes you two days to […]

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The Ten Most Dangerous People to Your Ministry

I have been in ministry for over 15 years. When I first started, I admit that I was very naive. I assumed that everyone in the church was a good person. I thought that I would walk in and have hundreds of instant friends. I figured that I’d get lots of pats on the back […]

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My Trip to Honduras 2015

I didn’t want to go. Sitting in my driveway at 2 am, getting ready to go to Honduras for a week long mission trip with the culmination of months of planning, fundraising, praying, and preparing, I found myself not wanting to go. I didn’t want to leave the country. I didn’t want to get on […]

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Hey Youth Minister! You Matter!

Right now, there are teens that are struggling. They are why you are here.

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Honoring Graduates

Graduation Sunday is coming up. Have you bought your graduates their Christian music CD and their engraved Bible yet? After all, that is the key to making sure they’ll never, ever leave the church and their faith… I have long thought of the problem of retaining students when they graduate from High School. We all know […]

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