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Youth Ministry Tracker iOS app Review

Ever since the iPhone first came out, it has been an invaluable tool for my ministry. I have always been on the lookout for great apps that can be used to help with ministry, and have even written on them here, here, and here. I am constantly downloading new apps to see if they will fit into my […]

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Book Review – “Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World”

We’ve all had that feeling after youth group – has anyone heard a word I just said? I’ve spent years teaching teens, but I wonder how much what I’ve said has actually sunk in. Author Jake Kircher addresses this very feeling in his book, “Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World.” This book is presented as […]

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What Teens want in a church

I got asked this question the other day – “What do teenagers want in a church?” It’s a tough question to answer, because its like asking “What kind of music do people like?” or “What food do kids eat?” What people look for in choosing a church is often personal taste – location, denomination, people […]

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Chicken Nugget Ministry

How to visit students effectively during school lunch You walk into the room, and every eye is upon you. Who is this intruder? What is he doing here? You see people look at you and then turn to talk in hushed tones, and you just know its about you. You feel out of place, like […]

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Dealing with “that” kid

How do you deal with “THAT” kid? You know who I am talking about. Its that kid that keeps you awake at night. The one that makes you shake in fear. The one that, every time you have youth group, annoys you beyond belief. Its the kid that was, well, like me. I was “THAT” […]

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Helping new students stick

You can recognize the look. The look of fear that they are going to be devoured by the hulking seniors. The look of terror that they’ll be called upon to pray and their voice will pick JUST THAT TIME to change. The look of panic as they realize that the children’s ministry DID NOT PREPARE THEM […]

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The value of church camp

I am getting ready to take my oldest daughter to overnight camp for the first time tonight. It got me thinking about all the years I have spent at camp, both as a camper and as a leader. All told, I’ve spent probably 30 weeks of my life at camp, over half of a year’s worth! If I’ve spent […]

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The Value of Play in Ministry

We all know the reputation of youth ministry – its all fun and games (and even better if someone loses an eye!). At times, its a well deserved rep. Many youth ministries even today are based around fun, entertainment, and play with a little bit of God thrown in. On the other extreme, you have […]

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After the “Mountain Top” Experience

You’re coming home from that amazing week of camp, conference, or mission trip. You’re exhausted. The laundry is dirty. You’re sunburnt and smell of sweat and axe body spray. Oh yeah, and your students have encountered Jesus in an powerful way and are coming back on fire for God. The question is – What do […]

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