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Relationships Matter

When I graduated High School, I (briefly) attended the University of Cincinnati before heading on to Bible College. I don’t remember much about my time there (willful blocking out of memories, not some alcohol induced haze!) but one of my more vivid memories involves one of those street preachers who often stood on main thoroughfares […]

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App Review – Best Prompter

I use my iPad (and now my huge iPhone 6 plus) a whole lot for speaking. For a long time, I just imported my lesson into evernote, or pages, or some other word processing app, and taught from that. Thats ok, but it seems so 2011. I wanted to turn my iPad into something more, […]

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Cracking cliques in your ministry

“Our students are so clique-y!”  This is an unfortunate but common refrain in youth ministry circles. We do such a great job of building community, but that community becomes so tight it does not welcome newcomers. It is a tight rope to walk, but we want a loving community that is also welcoming to those […]

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Moving students from “rental” to “owner”

Our house needs some work. The walls are the same original boring white color they were the day we moved in – minus a few spots where the kids have colored in them with crayons. The carpet is frayed in a few spots. The dishwasher no longer works. Our deck is missing a few boards. […]

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Life Sized Jenga

Jenga is a fun little party game where you pull out sticks from a tower til it falls over. Want to take it up a notch? Make it full sized! Instead of using little 2 inch sticks, use foot-long 2×4 blocks and build a 6 foot tall Jenga tower! You Need – Seven 8’ 2×4 […]

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Planning an awesome 5th Quarter

In many parts of the country, Friday nights are local holidays. You’ll see the lights of the high school football stadiums for miles around that draw young and old. It is less about football, and more about community. Friday nights become celebrations.  One way to piggy back of the local celebration is to host a […]

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Book Review – “Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World”

We’ve all had that feeling after youth group – has anyone heard a word I just said? I’ve spent years teaching teens, but I wonder how much what I’ve said has actually sunk in. Author Jake Kircher addresses this very feeling in his book, “Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World.” This book is presented as […]

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What Teens want in a church

I got asked this question the other day – “What do teenagers want in a church?” It’s a tough question to answer, because its like asking “What kind of music do people like?” or “What food do kids eat?” What people look for in choosing a church is often personal taste – location, denomination, people […]

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Chicken Nugget Ministry

How to visit students effectively during school lunch You walk into the room, and every eye is upon you. Who is this intruder? What is he doing here? You see people look at you and then turn to talk in hushed tones, and you just know its about you. You feel out of place, like […]

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