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The Value of Play in Ministry

We all know the reputation of youth ministry – its all fun and games (and even better if someone loses an eye!). At times, its a well deserved rep. Many youth ministries even today are based around fun, entertainment, and play with a little bit of God thrown in. On the other extreme, you have […]

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After the “Mountain Top” Experience

You’re coming home from that amazing week of camp, conference, or mission trip. You’re exhausted. The laundry is dirty. You’re sunburnt and smell of sweat and axe body spray. Oh yeah, and your students have encountered Jesus in an powerful way and are coming back on fire for God. The question is – What do […]

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Making Ministry Memories that Last

Think back to your time in middle school and high school youth group (for some of you, this may be an intense exercise of the mind!). What do you remember most clearly? Chances are, it wasn’t a lesson, sermon, or learning time. What came to my mind was something silly, but also very profound… I […]

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Getting ready for the fall

Its hard to think of fall when I just watched fireworks on the 4th of July a few weeks ago and its 90 degrees outside, but the reality is that it will be here before you know it. Are you ready? What do you need to do to get your ministry prepared for the fall? Fall […]

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Time to Get in the Game

Mary is 85 years old. Her husband passed away two years ago. She recently had a serious fall and hurt her hip badly. She’s had numerous surgeries and illnesses over the past five years. And she still manages to run a food pantry that feeds over a thousand people a month. Mary’s story is not […]

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You Are Called

How are things? Really, how are you doing in ministry? I have many friends in ministry who are dealing with major issues – complaining parents, apathetic kids, tumultuous church boards, and all sorts of other things. Ministry is great but there are often periods of hurt, discouragement, and struggle. We all experience those times that […]

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Paint Soccer

Are you looking for a fun, messy game that your students will want to play again and again (and parents will beg you not to)? Then Paint Soccer is the perfect game for you. Simply did a soccer ball in paint, throw it in the field, and let the teens go at it. Supplies Soccer […]

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Youth Ministry Horror Stories

Last summer, I received an urgent request for prayer from a ministry friend. He was on a missions trip and a girl had wandered off, and no one could find her. This is one my biggest ministry nightmares (and likely yours as well), and was very relieved when she was quickly found. Once she was […]

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Quit being a people pleaser

Hi, my name is Bill, and I am a people pleaser. There, I have said it. I have lived my life trying to get everyone to like me, to think I am great, to applaud me. In the meantime, I have become a fraud. Perhaps you can relate to the previous statement. Its not easy […]

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